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Work With Us - Wheeling To Dream

Work With Us

About Wheeling To Dream.

We travel full-time with our young children sharing our travel experiences as we go. 

Hey there we are Heather & Nate and we’re 1/2 of Wheeling To Dream. In May of 2018, we bought our Class A RV with a goal to set out on our epic adventure in March 2019.

Nate spent 10 years in Active Duty with the Air Force never leaving his first base. He joined the Air Force with hopes of traveling around the world a bit during his time in service. When that didn’t happen and the opportunity arose to travel full-time outside of the Air Force it was hard for him to turn down. 

Heather started her online business in 2016 while working 50+ hours a week in a tax office. She saw the opportunity to truly impact the lives of moms online and took it. With a passion for helping people and creating community she has built several websites both in the B2C and B2B markets now. 

Our main source of income is our Pinterest Marketing Agency. Pinterest is a passion of Heather’s and she truly understands how to position a product, service or just information to make it show up at the top of the search results. 

Our girls are one of the biggest reasons we wanted to travel now and not wait until retirement to buy the RV and hit the road. We want the girls to know the value of travel, meeting new people, seeing new places and truly experiencing what life has to offer.


Why Work With Wheeling To Dream?

Wheeling To Dream is family-centric and our mission is to empower families to make travel a priority for their family. Whether they want to travel full-time, part-time or just make their vacations more memorable we want to help.

Wheeling To Dream has a highly engaged audience not only on social media but on our blog, YouTube channel and our email list.

With Heather’s knowledge of social media, Pinterest and email marketing your brand we can offer something unique. 


Reann & Natalee



We are highly engaged on all of our channels and building a community around our brand. You can find us on all of the platforms interacting with our audience.

Our main source of traffic is split between Pinterest & organically from Google. We are highly invested in ensuring all of our posts are written with SEO in mind. This will ensure traffic is pumping to your brand long after the promotional period has ended.

Our goal when working with brands is to provide ROI not only in traffic but in income from affiliate sales if possible.

Email List.

Our email list is currently at 1600 subscribers and growing daily. We engage with our list providing lots of value weekly. Not only that but our email subscribers go through automation sequences so they are always hearing from us. 

Each week our subscribers receive tips, new videos, blog posts and more. 

Our subscribers are engaged and frequently reply to our emails asking us questions, giving us tips for our readers and sharing their travel stories. 

Our average open rate on our emails is over 30%.

Who Do We Reach?

Our demographic is heavily centered around 24-44 year olds with but we also have a big demographic in 45-65 year olds as well.

The bulk of our audience is from the USA but we also touch Germany, UK, Canada, Australia and The Netherlands.

How can we work together?

We are open to working with brands for influencer marketing and content creation. We pride ourselves on high value content so we will work hard to ensure your brand is positioned well.

We are also available to write sponsored posts, press trips, destination marketing, social media campaigns, email marketing, video creation including drone photography, brand ambassadorship, and giveaways. 

Click here to download our current Media Kit.

We will photograph or film our own experiences with your brand and provide an honest assessment to our audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you travel and can you guarantee us a spot in your calendar?

We do not travel with pre-booked destinations. In fact, we very rarely have reservations in advance. If you want to work with us and we can fit you in within the travel timeframe we have then we will consider changing our path to align with your project timeframe.

Just let us know what you have in mind in advance. We may ask that you cover the cost of our fuel if it’s a long haul on short notice.

Are you willing to put ad spend behind our campaign?

Yes, in fact we will put ad dollars behind the things we feel very good about and know that we can get a return on for not only ourselves but for our sponsors.

Will you stay outside of your RV for a trip or event?

We will consider staying outside of our RV if it’s an incredible opportunity and we have a safe place to leave Farris Wheels. We don’t often like to leave our RV unattended so this is something we can talk about if absolutely necessary.

We are all about family & experiences.

We pride ourselves on authenticity & honesty.

We go where the wind blows us & like it that way.

Work With Us