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About - Wheeling To Dream

Hey there, we’re the Farris Family.

And you guessed it we love to travel. We’re also a full time travel family  . We ditched our suburban life for one with more flexibility and freedom. We homeschool our girls as we travel the United States soaking up the experiences we were never able to have before.

Collecting memories instead of possessions.

States Visited

Miles Traveled

Days on the Road

About Heather

I’m an adventurer at heart despite the fact that I never traveled much as a child. I saw the ocean for the first time at 20 years old and the mountains for the first time at 21 both with my husband. From that point on I was hooked. I have a hard time choosing between the ocean and the mountains. I joke all the time that I was born in the wrong state.

I’m the happiest in the sunshine with a glass of iced tea in hand.

Some of my favorite things…

  • Dark Chocolate
  • 90’s sitcoms
  • Seashells
  • Pretty Rocks


About Nate

I enjoy the outdoors and exploring new places but mostly I enjoy pushing my limits.

I graduated high school and coasted for a couple years until I eventually joined the Air Force and spent 10 years in Active Duty. In that time, we grew our family and my desire for adventure grew along with it.

I’m the happiest out in the middle of no where with zero cell service.

A few of my favorite things…

  • A good craft beer
  • Climbing rocks
  • Off-roading in our Jeep
  • Floating on a river


About The Girls

Natalee and Reann are two spunky little girls. They blessed our lives in 2010 and 2015 and even at 5 years apart they fight like crazy but are the best of friends.

Natalee is 9 and loves being in the water. She swims like a fish and isn’t afraid to jump when it comes to jumping off of high dives. 

She enjoys playing Minecraft and anything artsy.

Reann is 4 and loves playing in the sand. She’s a red-headed fireball that loves rocking out Queen. Despite her tiny body this girl loves to eat. 

She enjoys playing with barbies but can make a toy out of anything if given the opportunity.

Our girls are the driving force behind our desire to travel full-time in our RV. We want them to experience what the world has to offer and not just grow up in a box only seeing a new place once a year.

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